E commerce product photography and visual content

Elevate your e commerce product photography and visual content with bright, bold and page popping images to convert your online sales. I work with a range of businesses to create on brand e commerce product photography and visual content for their websites, social media and marketing & PR campaigns. With over 10 years experience, specialising in luxury flowers and online products, I create high quality e-commerce and lifestyle visual content, which I also post -produce and retouch. If you would like to discuss your photography needs please do get in touch!

I also create fine art prints which you can see here:

product photography and visual content
Products & Lifestyle

Bespoke styling to showcase your product in a lifestyle setting. We will discuss your visions and ideas to bring them to life through complimentary test shots.

Send me your brief and we will create a unique, bespoke style for your brand.

product photography and visual content
E Commerce & Cut Outs

Sometimes simplicity is the best way to present your products. Great lighting to bring out the detail in your product, combined with a clean white or neutral background and drop shadow. Often requested from Pr companies like Pressloft, cut outs are always useful to have.

product photography and visual content
Flowers & Plants

Flowers and plants were the first product I started photographing. I’ve worked with a lot of the industries best florists for over 10 years. My clients are quite happy to send me the products for me to style or go to location.


Images for book “Make you own Indoor Garden” by Sarah Dauber @ Succulence London 2020

Online exhibition 2020

Fine Art Photography Prints

Collecting, sorting, observing, documenting, laying out, sharing, creating shapes & textures with found objects from walks, holidays, random places & gifts.

This is some of my personal work and favourite pass time. I thought it would be a shame now to share with you. Click on the image to view my online exhibition.